BOHMIMI is a brand of Kilim Boots and Boho Accessories created in Barcelona, born from the need to express a lifestyle FREE, adventurous and creative.

In December 2013, BOHMIMI adventure started with an online Kilim Boots. The BOHMIMI Boots, each pair is UNIQUE, are produced by hand and with natural dyes, scented products SUSTAINABLE high quality production and benefiting local societies.

But it's not just a bohemian feeling, free-spirited. In BOHMIMI we love to play with time, dust off the forgotten history and retrieve unique pieces! with a mixture of style and original designs..  


BOHMIMI is committed to becoming a safe haven for those nostalgic, creative minds and lovers of unique pieces.

The intention is to create an online space, a community where it can manifest itself through fashion a certain lifestyle and social.

From BOHMIMI welcome all those brands and new designers to join our philosophy, and supports collaboration and connection between them!!!


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